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Hospitality Case Study – Hidden Lane Bar
June 22
Hospitality Case Study – Hidden Lane Bar

Hospitality Case Study – Hidden Lane Bar


Company Profile:

Hidden Lane, a bi-level bar with a lounge and outdoor garden, offers an ideal space for entertaining, after-work hangouts, and special occasions in Union Square.


Strategic Approach:

Hidden Lane aimed to attract a young, late-night audience. Advertise Golden formulated a comprehensive brand and digital strategy for this fresh venue. Custom audiences were targeted based on interest and demographics, and geofencing was used within NYC. Our focus was on paid channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Google.


Performance Analysis & Recommendations:

Leveraging our extensive experience with hospitality clients, we built a robust strategy to attract new millennial customers within a one-square-mile radius of the location. This led to a rejuvenated crowd and an increase in repeat patrons.


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