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Hospitality Case Study – Selene
June 22
Hospitality Case Study – Selene

Hospitality Case Study – Selene


Company Profile:

Selene offers a unique fine dining experience serving Greek cuisine in a contemporary, open-format restaurant in the heart of Manhattan. With large communal tables and a vibrant atmosphere, it provides a festive experience for friends and family.


Strategic Approach:

Selene aimed to corner the bustling lunch market in NYC’s Financial District. Advertise Golden crafted a comprehensive brand and digital strategy for this new venue, focusing on custom audience targeting based on interest and demographic geofencing within NYC. Our efforts concentrated on paid channels like Facebook and Instagram.


Performance Analysis & Recommendations:

We leveraged our extensive experience with hospitality clients to devise a robust strategy targeting the working lunch demographic. Given the competitive nature of NYC, we collaborated with the client to identify their ideal market audience and subsequently expanded their reach.


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